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04 December 2008 @ 10:17 pm
Master Post - The Circle Game  
Title: The Circle Game
Author: otherdeb
Artist: milosflaca
Pairing: Howie/Chris
Rating: Warnings: R (emotional baggage, m/m sex)
Word Count: 20,267
Summary: Howie and Chris have been everything from friends to lovers to enemies over the years. Can they make it last this time?

First off, I want to thank those who encouraged me to do this, beckyo, luxshine, bellamyrose, and ravenbat. There is no way I could have done this without them cheering me on.

Second, special thanks to beckyo and ravenbat, who proofread, copy-edited, and kicked my butt when needed. I love you guys.

Third, thanks to milosflaca, for her take on the final scene of the story.

Fic Links:

Part I
Part II
Part III

Art Link:

art by milosflaca