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11 July 2008 @ 10:59 pm
Let's kick this off, shall we?

Popslash Bitty Bang 2008 Begins!

I see no reason to be all Super Mod! and make this post full of strict, strict rules and guidelines. (Well, there WILL be rules and guidelines, of course, but hopefully this will all be fun!) We're a small fandom, and most likely everyone who signs up will know at least one other person here, so kick off your shoes and let's keep this casual.

So yes, we will most definitely not get 370 participants on this challenge, but we've got some amazing writers in this fandom of my heart, so I for one am super excited to see the results of this! (And also, because we're smaller, we can adapt the rules to our liking! YAY!)

Also, sparkly sequined pants. And manskirts. I mean, come on now.

Okay, are you sufficiently excited? Awesome! Now for the rules:

For Writers:

  • By signing up, you agree to write a pop story of at least 20,000 words. There is no upper limit! (Really. By all means. Go ahead and keep writing. Seriously.)
  • You're welcome to write gen, slash or het. (So me constantly calling this a popslash challenge is kind of stupid.) Just keep it in the pop genre, please - a Nick/Britney epic would be awesome!
  • It can be any band/artist you like, as long as it stays pop.
  • AUs are totally fine. Crossovers are fine too, as long as your pop characters stay the main focus. So if you want to write a Trickyfish story where Nick/Patrick Stump is happening in the sidelines, go right ahead! The more Nick/Patrick in the world the better, I say.
  • This is a slight bend in the usual rules, but I am going to say that you CAN take a story that you've already started and complete it for this challenge. However, I would still like you to write 20,000 words minimum during the course of the challenge. So if the story you've started is already 5,000 words, then the finished product must be a minimum of 25,000 words, yes? Please don't continue writing once you've signed up! (Also, if this is a story you've already started to post, please hold off on posting any more of it until the closing date.)
  • Feel free to post your story anywhere after the closing date! I'll link you from a master list post at the end of the challenge.
  • Co-writing is absolutely allowed, and if you sign up for that the collective minimum word count is still 20,000. If you're up for it, you're welcome to sign up both for a co-write and a solo write.

For Artists

  • By signing up, you agree to produce a piece of artwork for a 20,000+ pop story. It can be anything you like - a header graphic, a book cover, a fanvid, a trailer, a fanmix, an original illustration. The sky is the limit! And you're more than welcome to do more than one thing for your story.
  • It can be any rating you like, as long as it's a valid interpretation of the story you get.
  • The art I would like to be produced specifically for the challenge, so please don't use a creation you've already made, and please don't post it anywhere on the web before the closing date.
  • You will not know the writer of the story you get beforehand.

You're more than welcome to sign up as both a writer and an artist.

Important Dates
July 12 : Sign-ups for both writers and artists open!
July 13 : A prompts post will be opened for people who'd like extra inspiration.
August 1 : Sign-ups for writers close and the challenge begins.
October 31 : The first draft of the story is due. (This doesn't have to be edited or beta'ed.)
November 1 : Sign-ups for artists close and anonymous summaries are posted so artists can take their pick. First come first serve.
November 23 : First draft from artists are due.
November 29 : Final draft for artists are due.
November 30 : Stories go live! (A slight change might happen here, as another option is to post the stories over three days tops. In the end there'll be a master post linking to all the stories.)

If you've got any questions or suggestions, please post them here. I hope I'll see as many of you as possible tomorrow! Also, please pimp this far and wide if you can. We're gonna have ourselves a nice, cozy little challenge and I couldn't be more excited to see it take off.
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