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13 July 2008 @ 09:09 am
First off, let me say how I excited I am to see people signing up! You guys are AWESOME, and this is going to be a blast.

Now, what we have here is the official prompts post!

If you're going into this challenge without a solid idea for a plot, then this can be the place to get inspired. Here's where I need everyone's help - comment with ideas! It can be plots you've discarded for yourself, or stories that you've always wanted to see but so far have been unable to find. The floor is open to everyone - writers, readers, artists. Post as any as you like at any given time.

Suggestions could be:

  • Pictures. Can you inspire a 20,000 word story off of just one picture?
  • Quotes, song lyrics, poetry - get inspired from other people's work!
  • "I'd love to see a story where..." scenarios, where you put anything and everything you've ever wanted to see.

For further inspiration, sparklyglee produced a massive prompts list last year that is well worth perusing.

Comment! Comment like the wiiiind!