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11 October 2008 @ 01:26 pm
We're getting down to the wire, guys! You've got 20 days left to finish your first draft. Excited? Anxious? Ready to throw up? All part of the experience!

Okay, just a quick brush-up on what's gonna happen. You send in your draft by October 31st at the latest (if you need it, a 24 hour extension can be provided) to ettem7@gmail.com with the subject title bittybang (first draft) from 'your lj name'.

This draft doesn't have to be edited or beta'ed in any way. The only one who's going to see it will be me and your artist. All it needs is to be a minimum of 20,000 words long (or, in the case of those who started with an existing word count, have 20,000 words added onto those.)

Attach your draft (preferably as a .doc or .txt file if you can, please), and in the body of the email, please include:

    Title (not needed if you haven't thought of one yet)
    Main Pairing/Character Focus

The summary is completely up to you. If it's two paragraphs, great! If it's one line, totally cool! The main criteria is that you have to feel it represents your story in the best way possible to an outside party who knows absolutely nothing about it.

On November 1st, a post will be made with all the summaries posted anonymously. Now artists get to take their pick! Stories are handed off on a first come, first serve basis. (I'm not sure yet how this is going to be, depending on how many drafts get sent in versus how many artists sign up, but I'll see how it goes when we get to that point.) Once an artist has picked their anonymous story, I'll send them the draft, as well as the author's email so you can communicate if the artist would like some direction. However, this is NOT required. Writers, please remember that the artist is allowed to choose whatever medium they feel most skilled at, be that vidding or fanmixing or drawing or graphics-making. This is completely the artist's choice.

Another note to the writers - you're more than welcome to make any art you choose for your own story, but please hold off on posting it until at least a week after your story goes live. Your artist will work hard for you, and deserves some time to shine.

Okay. I think that's it for now! I just have one more thing I'd like to run by you. Once we get to the live date (which is SOON \o/), how would you prefer the stories to be posted? Everything getting posted on November 30th, or split up over a span of three days? If we split up, you'll all get to post in alphabetical order based on your username.

Poll #1276670 Live date!

How would you prefer the stories to be posted?

All in one day.
Split up over three days.

Feel free to elaborate in the comments if you want. Okay, I think we're done! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to go to this post and ask away. And GOOD LUCK! Twenty days, you guys can do that EASY. I'm rooting for all of you! ♥