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16 October 2008 @ 09:08 pm
Hello! I hope your writing is going along steadily. Remember to check out the cheerleader post if you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You CAN do this. Just keep your eye on the prize!

I have a little notice. Please, please do make sure to tell me if you've dropped out of the challenge. I really would like to keep a proper tally so I don't sit on October 31st and wait for ten drafts that won't ever show up. If you're still listed here, then you're currently still part of the challenge. It could be a glitch in the email system so your email hasn't reached me or something, but I really urge those of you who have dropped out to make sure you're not still on the list. If you've dropped out, please email me or leave a comment in the entry with the author names, either way is fine. I'm not gonna come after you with torches and pitchforks, I swear. :)

Second note! If you have time, I'd really like if you all could pop over to this post again. There's been some really great ideas posted in the comments regarding how the stories should eventually be posted and I'd love some more input. Yays or nays to the current ideas would be good! Post your thoughts in this entry, please. Currently I really like phaballa's idea. I know there are strong opinions on both ends of the spectrum, but my main goal is to make sure that your stories get their proper time to shine, and that all the readers and writers and artists come out of this as pleased as possible.