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29 November 2008 @ 09:00 pm
In three hours it will be midnight where I'm at. We're so close! Those of you who have been assigned to post tomorrow, feel free to post whenever you want within your own timezone. Morning, noon, night, whatever. It's all up to you now! Remember to check when you're supposed to post if you've forgotten!

The last thing I wanna say before the stories start coming in is that I hope you'll all, participants as well as watchers, take time to read and feedback as many stories as you can. Producing a story of this length is a long and grueling process, and all the writers deserve as much recognition for that as they can get. Not to mention the artists, who've worked very hard for their writers! Spread the love far and wide.

I'll be back with a master list once all the stories have been posted. Enjoy your week full of fic, everyone! \o/