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06 December 2008 @ 12:28 am
Title: Don't Worry About It
Author: inahurricane
Artist: linear_flower
Pairing: AJ/Nick
Rating/Warnings: R
Word count: 20,269
"Nice to meet you." Nick extended his hand to a weak, tattooed hand which shook it lightly. AJ eyed him suspiciously since he first appeared in the doorway. He was tall with blue eyes and blonde hair that seemed to spike out every direction it chose, but what caught his attention most was that he had never seen him before. He had been there for a bit over two weeks so he figured he knew every doctor, nurse, and staff member. Just when he thought he had the system figured out, this guy walks in wearing his blue scrubs and his stethoscope around his neck and—wait, did Elaine really refer to him as a nurse? AJ looked at the ID clipped to the pocket of his shirt. Nick Carter, RN, BSN. Definitely a nurse. Even got his Bachelor's in Nursing.

Link to fic: Master Post
Link to art: COMING SHORTLY!

Many thanks to bubbleforest who has been nothing but a fucking saint of a mod during the past 3 months. I don't think people outside of the challenge realize what a fantastic job she's done. From the bottom of my heart, Mette, thank you for putting this together and thank you for putting up with me.
06 December 2008 @ 09:31 am
WE ARE AT AN END, YOU GUYS. Thank you all for a GREAT posting week! Posting has now been closed and the master list is heeeeere.

Take a peek under here for the amazing stuff!Collapse )

So out of the 35 that originally signed up, 15 have completed and posted their stories, with two more coming sometime next week. I want to say a huge, HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed, who stayed up long nights writing or drawing or mixing away. I am completely in love with the turnout, and I can't wait to finish the rest of these stories, because the ones I've read so far have been fantastic!

So we are offically done with bittybang! Thank you for a GREAT challenge, you guys! And once again I have to encourage everyone who watches this comm to read through the stories, check out the art, and leave some feedback. People have worked so hard, and I think that deserves an acknowledgement. ♥
06 December 2008 @ 12:15 pm
Title: (You've Got) That Pornstar Flava
Author: epicflailer
Artist: samibee
Pairing: Chris-centric, with sides of Chris/AJ; Chris/JC; Chris/Justin; AJ/Brian; Justin/Nick; AJ/Nick; AJ/Justin; Jensen/Jared; David Cook/David Archuleta (I am an equal opportunist) all to varying degrees
Rating: R. ish.
Warnings: This is pretty much a pornstore AU? Only sans the porn.
Word count: ~33,000
Summary: AJ's only been working there a year and a half, give or take, so Chris can see why he doesn't get it. He's still at the stage where porn is shiny and exciting. Thing is, Chris has been a TRANS-PORN employee for almost twice that. After the first twenty thousand tapes, even the weird sex is boring.

Link to fic: Master Post.
Link to art: Master Post.

This is coming in just under the wire, I think, and I am so sorry about the late posting. I'd just like to add that even if this story isn't your cup of tea, or the combination of boys isn't quite for you, please, for the love of all that is sparkly, please check out the art. It takes awesome to a whole new level, I promise!
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